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Welcome to the Online Classified Club! This club was developed to assist both the new and the seasoned internet marketeer. The club is jam packed with the latest in classified ad resources, tools, tips, and know-how to get you the traffic and orders you need... now !
The Classified Club is not a book, or some "how to" report. It 's a suite of online tools, software, and resources you can start using today.

Did you know you can advertise your BUSINESS, PRODUCT, SERVICE or put your RESUME in front of millions, for free ?

Over the last two years I have ruthlessly scavenged the net, locating thousands of sites and resources where I could advertise my products--for free.
I've now put the entire collection of all my findings in my "MEMBERS ONLY" web site, along with complete step-by-step instructions on how to use these tools, resources, and software to maximize your time, efforts and above all..
profits !
It's been over three years in the making, and now, with more than 24,000 others who have already joined my site... I truly believe it's the most comprehensive, resource packed, knowledge filled , money & time saving site on the web. I am now making thousands of dollars a month utilizing these resources myself.
I've combined an incredibly affordable suite of online marketing tools, including:
The largest list of free classified ad sites on the net!
A Classified ad Broadcaster service, blasts your ad to over 5000 sites!
Unlimited - Automated Search engine submissions to the top 100 search engines!
My "Free for All link" Auto Submitter - Blasts your ad to hundreds of other sites with one click!
Your own Custom Web Site you can design, with no programming experience - great for beginners!
Doorway Page Generator - Unlimited use! Creates hundreds of "search engine friendly" doorway pages.
11,000 Newsletters Database - access 1000's of targeted ezines and newsletters. Compare demographics, and zero in on your targeted market.
A State by State classified ad database - for offline advertising
400 Free for All links
1000 "Order-Pulling" headlines - Ive used these in hundreds of my own ads--they pull in business!
650 Hot Selling, royalty free, informative reports! - you may have seen others selling this one for over $100!
Doorway page generator - instantly create dozens of 'key word friendly' web site pages that drive traffic to your home page. No downloading, No installing or having to learn new software--it's all online! Unlimited Use!
Some nifty software that will help do all the ad submissions for you! - You'll never again have to type the same thing twice.
Plus I've just added unlimited distribution rights to my newest software! "How to double your internet speed--for free!"
This is HOT!, You can offer this software as a free bonus with what ever it is your selling -- and watch your orders skyrocket! tell me more...

It's a package worth over $478.00... I now sell at just $29.95

I now invite you to share in my success and know how. I have divided up this site in an easy to browse format so you can clearly see how vast my members site really is.
Take a moment to see for yourself. The abundance of tools, software, services, and techniques you'll discover is well worth the look.
Enjoy the tour...
" The Admaster "
P.S. We've recently added a resellers program, so even if you don't have a product or service to sell, you can start making money immediately just by selling memberships to my site.


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